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Coffee grows in over 50 countries with warm, humid climates. The worlds best coffees are grown between five and eight thousand feet. There are two main species of coffee that are traded commercially - Arabica and Robusta. Arabica trees produce the highest quality coffee, while Robusta trees which are hardier and more resistant to disease are not suitable for Specialty coffee and are used in commercial coffee blends and in instant coffee. It takes three to four years for a coffee tree to start producing its first flowers, which will eventually ripen into a bright red berry called a cherry. After being processed these cherries will be roasted into the coffee you will eventually buy and drink.

At Cadway's Coffee We Use Only The Highest Quality
100% Arabica Coffee Beans!!

From Green Beans To Your Coffee Cup

What we do at Cadway's Coffee is start with purchasing high quality arabica green beans. Then we roast the coffee to order only, we never have coffee pre-roasted and pull from stock when you place an order. Because of this it may take a little longer for your coffee to arrive, but you will get coffee that was just roasted and shipped out to you the next day.

This Makes A Tremendous Difference!!

Storage, Grinding, And Brewing

Once roasted coffee can go stale fast, just like if you have ever eaten bread after it has sat for a few days compared to when you first bought it. We strongly recommend that you buy coffee whole bean and store in a air tight container in refrigerator for a short period of time, and in the freezer for longer storage. Grinding only what is needed at the time.

This Makes An Amazing Difference!!

To Brew "Great" Tasting Coffee:

Use 2 tablespoons of coffee for each 6 oz. of water. If coffee seems too strong, try a coarser grind. Since coffee is mostly water we recommend using filtered or bottled water.

Flavor Characteristics Of Coffee

BODY - The impression of heaviness or viscosity of the coffee. Similar to what the mouth feel is with wine. Heavy bodied coffees are rich in flavor.

AROMA - The smell of brewed coffee, aroma is a major part of the overall flavor.

ACIDITY - A pleasant, desirable tartness or snap that makes coffee lively.

FLAVOR - The way a coffee tastes i.e. winey, sharp, sweet, smooth, etc.

Now that you know a little more about coffee and about us you can check out our coffee on our order page and if you see something that you'd like go ahead and place a secure order by clicking on the bean next to the coffee you want, its that simple. (Orders currently not being taken)

If you would like more in depth information, please check out "Coffee 101" - "Beyond The Basics" Coffee 101, A comprehensive article with information on the origin of coffee, decaffeinated coffee, flavored coffee, coffee terms, and coffee characteristics. Just hit the link above to go to the page.

PS. Don't forget you get a 100% money back guarantee.

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